ecologically correct products

Our products, in addition to taking care of the skin of their consumers, are ecologically correct; We  take the importance of skin care very seriously and for this reason we maintain a rigorous quality standard in each of our products. In the development of our lines we take the precaution and care necessary so that all products can meet the specific function for which they were created, without this representing secondary damage to our health.


Smart Jewelry Line

The Smart Jewelry Line reflects its quality in each piece, its essence is brass, an alloy of copper and zinc that does not oxidize and is resistant to saline conditions. The series of sheets of Gold, the anti-allergic protection and its purification process, allow our Jewels to be used daily and on all occasions.


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Smart Beauty Line

Smart Beauty products are free of Parabens and Phthalates, and are NOT tested on animals. We combine Nature with Technology, because it is not just having the appearance of beautiful skin, it is feeling, seeing and knowing that your skin is receiving the proper care so that it looks beautiful throughout life.

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The Look Colors Products of our Smart Beauty Line present basic natural makeup products that maintain the quality standard and absolutely all of them contain natural active ingredients that make them co-helpers in skin care. To look really beautiful you must take care of yourself. may your beauty maintain the health of your skin. 


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